Montag, 11. April 2011


Hello friends. I have some cool stories that I will blog about soon. God's doing awesome things. But here are some photos of some of the ministries, I will post more soon. Im coming back home in 19 days and I'm excited to see you all again. Lot's of Love from Houston!!

Street Church
Our dear friend from Iraq
Painting the House at 5oaks
5Oaks Crafts and Play time
Street Church
We had a project at We care that was called "Above the Influence" so they thought about that and came up with amazing stuff...

Art Therapy
Britney drawing with one of the girls

I worked with the girl who was working on this project, "abuse" immediately came into her head and we had some good conversations...

That was at the valentines-party that we had at the house for women, great morning, they absolutely loved it...

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